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I'm Sorry, Friends!

I need to apologize to you. I’ve been giving you way too much content to tackle each week. See, I have so much in my head and I want to get it all out there to help you as quickly as possible before I forget it! But one of the classic symptoms of ADHD (I’ve never been diagnosed, but my husband and I have no doubt), (see I can’t even complete a sentence)... One of the classic symptoms of ADHD is underestimating the amount of time a task will take. So I’ve been writing for you everything I’ve learned about a particular topic each week, but I’m forgetting a couple things. First, it took me most of my childhood to implement these strategies, and I’m still working on training my kids to utilize them. Second, I know first hand how overwhelming it can be to see five or seven or ten things I need to do to be successful at something and be expected to do it in a week. So, there’s a very real chance I’ve been frustrating you more than helping you. Friend, I’m so sorry! I hope you’ll forgive me and bear with me.

So, starting next week, I’m going to do a content reset. Instead of one week for each topic, I’m going to slow it down and spend a month on each thing. We will start November talking about rest, including sleep, so that you can enter the Christmas season with a better rested family. Each month we will dive deep into a Scripture passage, and each week I’ll give just 1-3 simple steps you can implement that week. Then, at the end of the month, I’ll do a live Fb training on the whole topic, so you can easily come back to the video and watch it anytime you need a refresher.

For the last several weeks, God has taken me to Psalm 46:10. I quoted the first half of it two weeks ago in the sleep script I posted and recorded live in the private Fb group (if you want to check it out, request to join here). I don’t think it’s wrong to apply the verse to calming down to get better sleep, but I think we get even better insight when we look at the verse in its entirety. Here’s what it says:

See, it’s not enough to simply slow down and be still, we also need to respond to God’s blanket invitation to all of creation to join in worshiping Him. So, once a day this week, stop what you’re doing and do the two following things (Yes, really, just two!). I’ll be doing them with you!

  1. Praise God for his character. You can even list a couple attributes about God you are particularly thankful for.

  2. Praise God for the diversity and beauty of His creation. This includes people, like your neuro-diverse kids, and it includes nature, as the verse points out.

Next week, we’ll start breaking down strategies for better rest and sleep more slowly. Until then, share pictures of family and friends you’re praising God for or scenes from nature (bonus points of pictures of people you love in nature!). Post them on the Fb page (@FamFlourish), private Fb group ( or on Instagram (Fam_Flourish) and use #flourshinghome.

Make it a great day!

Need more help? Book a free Discovery Session here to find out how my Flourishing Home Framework can help your family flourish. Subscribe here to get your free guide “Ultimate ADHD Resource List”.

The content found on Flourishing Family Coaching’s website and blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding ADHD, anxiety, depression or any other medical conditions. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website or blog.

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