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Back to School Anxiety? The Weapon King David Used

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Anxiety is a very common theme right now among parents and students of all ages. Balancing our safety, comfort, schedule, budget, and sanity has never been as challenging as it is during this global pandemic. Determining the best course of action for our families feels overwhelming, and whether you choose public school, private school, cyber school, homeschool, or some other option, we all have one thing in common: school is going to be different this fall. As a mom, the changes and uncertainties tempt me to dwell on my anxiety, and my kids are feeling it too.

The good news is, God’s Word is not silent about anxiety. In fact, we can learn a lot about how God wants us to handle anxiety by studying the Bible. We will be talking about some practical ways to gather together as a family and manage anxiety over the next few weeks. But I want to start with a word of comfort, straight from His Word.

King David wrote in Psalm 56:8 (The Message):

You’ve kept track of my every toss and turn

through the sleepless nights,

Each tear entered in your ledger,

each ache written in your book.

David penned these words when he fled from King Saul and found himself trapped in Gath, the Philistine city of the giant Goliath whom he had killed. He was surrounded by enemies on all sides! Saul’s fear of losing his throne to David had driven him to violence, so David couldn’t go back home, but the Philistines weren't too keen on letting him leave either. David actually resorted to acting insane in order to escape from the Philistines! You can read about it in I Samuel 21-22. But what is even more remarkable about David, is his focus is not on his circumstances, but on God’s goodness.

If you read the entirety of Psalm 56, you’ll see that David identifies God's love as a weapon he wields to fight off anxiety, and we can also wield it when we feel trapped by COVID-19. He lists at least three ways God's love gives him courage. In verse 8, David identifies God’s deep understanding of his sleeplessness, his fear and his pain. In verse 9, he says that God is for him, or, in other words, wants good things for him. And in verses 11-13, he declares that he will praise God because he knows He is stronger than his enemies and will deliver him.

Yes, COVID-19 is oppressive and scary. But God sees, He cares, and He is bigger! Like David, when we serve God, we have nothing to fear, even death, because we will one day walk before Him in the light of life (vs. 13). Take comfort in this truth this week. Over the next few weeks we will be talking about some very practical weapons to help one another through whatever comes our way. Until then, follow David's example and use God's love for you as a weapon against anxiety. God keeps track of every toss, turn, tear and ache.

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