4 Ways to Reverse the ADHD Identity Crisis

Early in elementary school, you probably learned about various land formations. Plateaus, valleys, mountains, mesas, rolling hills, foot hills, plains that stretch for miles and miles. Wherever I travel, one of my favorite things to do is explore the local terrain. I have never seen two places that were the same. I’ve been to mountains and beaches, cliffs, waterfalls and river valleys. Each one has a different terrain, climate, vegetation, and different wildlife. It never gets old. But possibly the most interesting topography I’ve ever seen was the Hickory Run Boulder Field in the Pocono Mountains in Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania. What in the world is a boulder field? It is literally a field covered in boulders, and the one in Lake Harmony is huge (about 16 acres).

The boulder field is unique. There are only a few similar formations in the world, so it’s not something most people have seen or heard about. Also, because it’s a field of large rocks, it’s challenging to walk on. You can do it, and many people do, but the boulders are angular and some of them wobble under your weight, so it can be a bit anxiety inducing. The experience is a little like raising a neuro-diverse child. There is such uniqueness and beauty in your child, but he is challenging to raise because he doesn’t follow the usual patterns of other children. Neuro-diverse children require more energy, balance, precision, and grace.

Think of how boring the world would be if every mountain, valley, and river was the same and there were no other land forms scattered around, such as boulder fields. We probably wouldn’t be as easily inspired to worship the creator when we got out into His creation. Our unique and extraordinary neuro-diverse children are the same way. They make the world more interesting and awe inspiring.

In a world of boxes, it’s easy for our kids to lose their identity behind a diagnosis. We even say, “I’m ADHD,” or “My daughter is ODD.” It’s a subtle verbal shift, but mentally, changing our language to recognize that our children are not these things, they simply have the disorder, may actually help to ward off an identity crisis. We would never say, “I am cancer”; it would give the disease too much power over us. ADHD is just as much a biological disorder as cancer, so why do we give it that power? So let’s not allow ADHD to become our kids’ identity. Here are a few ways you can prevent or even reverse an ADHD identity crisis:

  1. Recognize and cultivate the unique gifts and abilities God has given him.

  2. Remind her that ADHD is no more than a brain difference and you will help her develop skills to manage it.

  3. Speak God’s truth over him to remind him of his identity in Christ. I’ve created a printable list you can download for free here.

  4. Pray for her “to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that [she] may be filled with all the fullness of God.” (Eph. 3:19 ESV)

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